Fludir, Iceland, 2019

Pictures by Luca Ranghetti

Flúðir is a small and picturesque village located in the South West of Iceland in a green valley with an extraordinary view on Miðfell, a small mountain which gives the surrounding area a distinctive look. 

Its rapidly growing community offers excellent services for visitors, such as "Tjaldmiðstöðin Flúðum", a very big camping site located on the Litla Laxá riverbank in the heart of the popular Golden Circle, one of the biggest geothermal areas in Iceland.


The abundant supply of geothermal water provides heat to the many greenhouses around, making them a green, sustainable business which nowadays is the main source of fresh Icelandic vegetables for the entire country. For this reason their pentagonal shape has become a symbol of the Southern Region landscape.

At the beginning of the last century the clear spring river that runs through the camping site had plenty of wild salmons and so a small salmon factory was built very close to it. In the '60s though, the number of wild salmons started decreasing drastically, the small business was shut down and the building was left there, suffering a gradual erosion due to the strong wind and low temperatures.

The design concept is to connect the previous business with the current one by inserting a glasshouse that has the same architectural features of the local greenhouses, emphasizing the beauty of the ruin and giving it a new life at the same time: from salmons to vegetables, from an abandoned fish factory to a greenhouse with a new purpose.

In fact "TF Pavilion" doesn't grow vegetables, it grows human connections between tourists from all over the world who can meet and chat in a common heated multifunctional area that provides shelter from the unpredictable, extreme weather.

In addition, the pavilion's transparency allows the visitors to have a visual connection with the natural surroundings and in the best case scenario to enjoy the magnificent northern lights.


Fálkagata 11, 107 Reykjavík, Iceland

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