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A japanordic apartment in downtown Reykjavik enriched by a unique shelving system

Solvallagata 68 is a residential project commissioned by a very friendly and social family who is used to host friends and relatives on a daily basis. For this reason the design concept’s goal was to create a spacious open-plan living area encouraging family members and their guests to spend time together.


The custom-made kitchen is developed along the three perimetral walls in order to optimize the room’s layout and create an empty area in the middle of the room, necessary to facilitate dense people flows. 

The white Corian countertop faces a wide window that brings plenty of natural light into the kitchen and into the dining room as well. The dining area with its leather corner bench and its “social table” is linked with the kitchen shapes and design features.


Smooth contrast between wooden details and different shades of warm grey characterize the atmosphere, creating a sober and healthy environment suitable for the nordic lifestyle.

Aseptic “look & feel” of the interiors is enriched by a unique shelving system. Thin white corian sheets are inserted in vertical birch plywood boards, creating a dynamic pattern that works as a filter where it’s needed.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Pictures by Luca Ranghetti

Custom-made furniture by Falegnameria Luca Caldini

February 2017‏

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