An office design project renovation strongly connected to the visual identity of the company

Corporate headquarters | Reykjavik, Iceland, 2019 | UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Íslenskt grænmeti headquarters is an office design project renovation of both exteriors and interiors of a building located in Sundahöfn, the main industrial area of Reykjavik.

The strong visual identity of the icelandic Company is mentioned in the exterior facades design: a blue and red horizontal strip characterizes the building and it connects different volumes of the complex architecture. Lower green corrugated steel is linked with the natural surrounding while red vertical strips play with few red special windows.

An iconic pentagonal glass pavilion placed at the entrance works as a filter, letting people immediately feel what’s the main business of the company: growing vegetables in greenhouses.

The interiors of both ground floor and first floor communicate the Company's values through different areas. Natural and industrial materials mention the main features of the greenhouses, their mix create bright, vibrant and unique spaces.​ 

On the ground floor a spacious and joyful canteen share a big open space lit by plenty of natural light with a comfortable coffee and relax area while the core of the first floor is a cozy coworking area which is surrounded by single/double offices, a meeting-room and a relax area.