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A statement-chair that calls attention to the sea level rise topic upcycling unused lifebuoys

As global warming and climate change continue to affect our planet, the rate of sea level rise continues to accelerate. According to NASA, in 2020, the global sea level was 91.3 millimeters above the 1993 average, making it the highest annual average in the satellite record (1993-present).


Against this background, I decided to address the issue in a humorous, creative way by introducing a playful chair design made of a discarded kid-size lifebuoy ring. The project seeks to lead the design community toward a more sustainable future, while celebrating the process of upcycling.

Sea level rise chair calls attention to the dramatic environmental issue, keeping the conversation high-spirited without taking away its importance. We can’t stop rising sea levels but we still have a chance to slow them down: every action matters and everyone can contribute. It’s important to feed the discussion around the topic.


The use of the discarded floatie serves as a symbolic element referencing the sea level and the planet’s struggle to stay afloat and survive. In addition, the bright orange color of the lifebuoys emphasizes the urgency of the situation. By celebrating the creative reuse of discarded products or trash, I intend to feed the imagination of the global design community and of course, promote sustainability.

Pictures by Patrik Ontkovic (@ontkvc)

Dimensions: 65x65x70cm

Materials: Discarded kid lifebuoys | Powder coated metal legs (Traffic Orange - RAL 2009)

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May 2022

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