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A coffee table collection that combines Polygood™ (recycling) and discarded plastic cable reels (upcycling)

Most plastic cable spools meet their fate at the scrap yard but they can also or get recycled to be transformed into new materials by eco-conscious companies like The Good Plastic Company, known for their commitment to large-scale environmental impact. 'REEL' represents a harmonious marriage of circular design principles, with Polygood™ panels gracing the top surface and discarded plastic spools forming its sturdy structure. This design underscores the importance of creating furniture that is not only sustainable, but also industrially feasible.

The project aspires to create a new aesthetic language that embodies the appreciation for the concept of sustainability and its minimal environmental footprint. It beckons us to recognize the raw beauty of radical sustainable objects and shift our aesthetic reference to reduce our impact on the planet. The spontaneous and playful appearance of 'REEL' is further elevated by the presence of coloured ropes still coiled up on its cylindrical structure, reminiscent of its previous function while joyously celebrating its new purpose.

In a world where planned obsolescence prevails, 'REEL' stands as a testament to the beauty of reuse and non-perishability of materials. It encapsulates the art of transforming discarded objects into functional and exquisite furniture, breathing new life into them with ingenuity and sustainability at its core.

In collaboration with The Good Plastic Company

Pictures by Patrik Ontkovic

Words by Nils Wiberg

Materials: Discarded plastic spools (black) | Polygood™ by The Good Plastic Company (Timeless duo #PS1201 - Reverse timeless duo #PS1202 - Greycious #PS1702)


May 2023

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