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A glacier-inspired ice cream parlour that absorbs the noises of the fridge and the ice cream machines

We've been tasked to design a bold identity for the new ice cream parlor within the Perlan Museum of Reykjavík. The result is ceiling formed in acoustic foam which draws the eye of the visitor in a kaleidoscopic composition of shapes and colours. The design addresses the brief with one simple and economic gesture creating a space which is enveloping and ever changing. The repetitive design of the foam pyramids dropping from the ceiling like geometric stalactites creates an optical illusion which pulls the visitor towards the focal point of the ice cream trays, the only elements that breaks from the stark white and blue palette which defines the whole space.


In a single sweep - pun intended - the ceiling defines the atmosphere of the space and guides the design of all other elements. As a commercial attraction within one of Iceland’s most visited museums, the brief had a strong emphasis on a design that would attract people and interact with them. In the age of Instagram we had to find a simple solution which would interact with its users while defining a clear and recognisable identity. Inspired by the caves found in glaciers and the ever changing reflections and colours within them, the pattern of the ceiling declines this natural image in an iconic design feature.


Perlan Museum celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the Icelandic landscape while employing engaging design to convey this to a wide and diverse audience. The Perlan Ice Cream parlor embraces this approach by marrying bold contemporary design with ideas and features from the landscape it is there to support.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Perlan - Wonders of Iceland

Words by Davide Perottoni (@h_castorp)

Pictures by Patrik Ontkovic (@ontkvc)

Published on:










May 2020

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