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Creamy cabinets, white corian countertop and walnut wood creates a luxurious & minimalist custom-made kitchen 

Páll & Edda kitchen" is the result of a dynamic and constructive design process developed with the clients with the goal to satisfy their needs and their refined aesthetic desires.

The custom-made kitchen and the small dining area perfectly optimize the 11sqm room's layout and its 2,5m height. The side of the high cabinet that faces the entrance hosts a walnut wood shelving system that works as a sleek display for wine bottles, recipe books and soft decoration. In the evening hours these displays just like the countertop and the plinth are lighted up by dimmable 4000K led strips that allow Páll and Edda to create different lighting scenarios. 

A white corian built-in sink faces one of the two windows in the room, offering them a nice view to their garden while they do the dishes.


A very smooth shade between the creamy cabinets and the pure white corian countertop works as a warm and aseptic background for the walnut wood, creating a luxurious & minimalist "look & feel" well connected with the rest of the house.

A tiny dining area is enriched by a custom-made eco-leather bench and three "LeChuck" stools designed by Giorgio Biscaro and produced by Miniforms.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Pictures by Patrik Ontkovic

January 2020

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