A vibration stainless steel facade hides a 150 sqm house reflecting its wild natural environment

Residential | Reykjavik, Iceland, 2019 | UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Oddsson House is a private house surronded by a wild natural environment located a few kilometers from Reykjavik. Approaching the house from the main parking spot a vibration stainless steel facade visually hides the building, partially reflecting the beautiful trees except where a squared hole frames the wide patio and its natural background.

The house layout is designed to create an ample wind-sheltered patio, an outdoor- indoor space that becomes extension of the living room in the good seasons. 

A wooden path connects the main house, the dependance and the hot tub surrounded by the wood which is 20 meters away from the main building.

A cozy wooden indoor is characterized by natural light, integrated minimal furniture and a wooden fragrance. In the main open space the kitchen is composed by a practical ample island which is surrounded by built-in high cabinets.

The master bedroom is enriched by a multifunctional glasshouse that brings plenty of natural light into the room. This unique extension is the perfect place to be used as a gym, a studio or as a unique chill area where to enjoy northern lights.