Myvatn, Iceland, 2019


Words by Davide Perottoni 

As one approaches the Myvatn area it is impossible not to be taken in by the beauty and variety of the landscape. Its location, in between the Eurasian and North American plates, meant that the area has been under constant transformation for million of years, creating the landscape we see today. A landscape that seems to have been shaped by giants and gods.
The Myvatn Centre is located within this landscape in a way that feels both respectful and exciting. Its shape mimics the one of the hills it relates to and, just like them, its appearance changes as one approaches it. The building reveals itself only as visitors go around it once they have reached it.
What from a distance seemed one of the many round formations reveals itself to be an unexpected surprise.
As one travels towards the Myvatn Centre on the Route 1 the building, first indistinguishable from the surrounding hills, suddenly reveals its fiery interior, at once attracting the visitors and showcasing its purpose. The gleaming red curved glass facade which clads the inner courtyard of the building is both a symbol and a metaphor for the volcanic realm this building is here to unveil.
A hill like many others scattered in the area, and yet a building with art and knowledge at its core, the lava of our artificial volcano.

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