Mother Nature Fan Club

An art installation that encourage people to support nature in these challenging times

MNFC faces the topic of climate change with humor, encouraging people to be nature's fan and giving them the chance to contemplate the lovely view over the Borgarnes Bay. The concept consists in placing colourful vintage plastic stadium seats out of their context, creating an unusual and ironic scenario.

These red and blue tiers fit into a curved bay that reminds of a real stadium creating the perfect environment for mother nature's fan who are metaphorically supporting what they care the most about.

This provocative installation has the goal to let people meditate on the environmental issues and to take advantage of the benefits of contemplating nature. Being a member of this club is nowadays more important than ever both for the future of our planet and for a healthier lifestyle.

Borgarnes, Iceland

Pictures by Gyða Sveinsdóttir

Material: discarded plastic stadium seats

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August 2019