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A site-specific installation for Pergine Festival 2017 that deletes any gender belonging

The site-specific installation is dedicated to the theme of the empathic meeting: Empathy, literally "feeling inside" or "put oneself in someone's shoes", It is an individual process of understanding the emotions of others created by the activation of the "mirror neurons". This ability has an important role in sociology: in addition to making solid and constructive relationships of care and affection as well as learning dynamics, allows the most complex interactions between people with different cultures.

The structure of the installation is composed by two wooden panels covered with a mirror adhesive film in their internal side. Through the reflecting surface and the diagonal opening on one of the two panel, whoever is inside, an adult or a child, they will be able to see their bodies and their clothes associated with the face of the external observers. The goal of the installation is to create atypical aggregations and to delete any gender belonging.

Empathy, if properly exercised and developed could be the ability to overcome any barrier or prejudice and foundation of an emotional intelligence capable of weaving stable and effective human bonds.

Pergine Festival - Pergine Valsugana, Italy

Pictures by Luca Ranghetti

June 2017‏

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